3628 Lindell Boulevard
St. Louis, Missouri 63108
(314) 977-7303
Bride and Groom’s Rooms

There are respective Assembly Rooms available for the ladies and gentlemen.  The rooms will be available an hour prior to the start of the ceremony.  It is available for assembly, touch-ups and photographs.  Please do not plan on using the room for a dressing room.

Personal possessions may be left in the rooms during the ceremony.  The rooms will be locked during this time.  However, you and your guests should keep with you any personal or valuable items.   All coats, purses, make-up and garment bags must be removed from the room at the conclusion of the wedding.  30 minutes after the conclusion of the wedding the Assembly Rooms is no longer yours.  College Church is not responsible for any items left in the Assembly Room.  We ask that you respectfully clean up the Assembly areas before leaving the Church grounds.

No food may be consumed in the Church or the Assembly Rooms.  Water may be consumed only in the Assembly Rooms.


Call the University Parking Office (314-977-2957) for information on availability for the Laclede Garage.  A flat fee of $150 will ensure ample parking for your rehearsal and wedding.  Metered Parking on Lindell Boulevard is from 7:00am until 7:00pm Monday through Saturday.

SLU Parking Services Contract

Safety Concerns

It is not permissible to throw anything in or around the church due to safety hazards:  no rice, birdseed, flower petals, confetti, bubbles, or anything else.  Sparklers and balloons are strictly prohibited inside or outside the church.  Animals of any kind are not permitted in the church or to be released following the wedding (including doves, butterflies, dogs, etc).  We do not allow wagons in the Church.

Absolutely no alcohol or tobacco (or any other drug) is allowed on the church premises.  If a member of the wedding party has been drinking alcohol before the service, that person may be asked not to participate in the wedding.  The abuse of alcohol by the bride or groom will invalidate the Sacrament.