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The couple will make arrangements for flowers with a florist of their choice.

Flowers are never placed on the altar itself.  If you will be having floral arrangements near the altar they must not interfere with liturgical movement of the ceremony.

College Church does not provide elevated plant stands.

Flower petals (real or silk) may not be dropped inside or outside the church.

Your flowers and decorations must be removed immediately following your ceremony.

All containers used for corsages, floral arrangements etc. must be disposed of before leaving the church.  If the trash containers are full, please stack florist boxes neatly beside them.  This is the responsibility of the attending florist, not the church staff.

Due to the aisle width, vases and stands are not allowed in the aisle itself.  Bows are permitted.  They must be attached by rubber bands or ribbon ties only.  There are 23 pews in the nave of the church.


The only candles that may be used are the pillar candles already present in the sanctuary.

The lighting of a unity candle is not part of the Catholic rite and is not allowed during the ceremony.  We suggest having a unity candle at your reception.

No other candles, including candelabras may be used.

Runners:  For safety and liability reasons, runners are prohibited.