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Your wedding is a liturgical sacramental celebration of the entire faith community of College Church, along with your family and friends. All music before, during and after the wedding will be music that is customarily used at Catholic liturgical services. The College Church follows guidelines that are consistent with those of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. Therefore, all music is to be liturgical, sacred, or appropriate classical music. Secular music is not suitable for the wedding ceremony itself. Since the music sung by the assembly is the most important music of the wedding ceremony, a College Church pianist and cantor are required for every wedding. There is an additional charge of $200 for each of these professional musicians, payable at your wedding rehearsal.

We are happy to advise you of additional instrumental options. We have an extensive roster of professional musicians available to play for your wedding; violin, flute, cello and trumpet are the instruments most often requested.  The cost for each of these instrumentalists is $200, payable at your wedding rehearsal. Please consult Sue Martin (sue@sfxstl.org), Director of Wedding Music, before hiring any other musicians.

Subject to review and approval of the Director of Wedding Music, you are free to engage outside soloists and musicians to perform songs during the Prelude or Preparation of Gifts.  Please contact Sue Martin (sue@sfxstl.org) to discuss any plans for guest musicians.

Timeline for music planning:

Please contact Sue Martin (sue@sfxstl.org) with any questions regarding wedding music.

In order to encourage participation at the ceremony, couples will often choose to create a worship aid (program) for their celebration. While the Director of Wedding Music will be happy to review a draft copy of your program, the design and printing of the program are the responsibility of the couple.