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The couple will make arrangements for photographs with a photographer and videographer of their choice.

Video lighting and flash are not permitted during the liturgy (Call to Prayer through the end of the Recessional music).  Photo and video lighting racks are not permitted.

Photographers and video personnel and their equipment are to be as unobtrusive as possible.  They should not interfere with any aspect of the procession, liturgy, or recessional.  Video equipment must remain stationary.

Wiring or cables may not be taped anywhere in the Church.

Photographers are not permitted in the sanctuary (the area from the base of the stairs on up), or any other place deemed inappropriate by the parish staff.  There are several good areas from which to videotape or photograph a wedding liturgy at College Church.  The Wedding Coordinator or Sacristan will be glad to show you where these are.

Excessive moving around during the liturgy is to be avoided.  Feel free to move up and down the side aisles, but not in the center aisle once the entrance procession has finished.  The altar is sacred; nothing should be placed upon it, nor should it be used as a prop.

Standing on pews or chairs for any purpose is not allowed.

The choir loft is inaccessible for anyone.

We allow for 30 minutes after the ceremony to take posed shots at the altar.  Casual photos are permitted before the ceremony outside and in the preparation areas.  After the wedding procession, we ask that photographers and videographers remain respectful of your family and guests and keep a low profile.

We provide a guide for photographers and videographers upon request.

It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to ensure that the photographer and videographer receive these policies and abide by them.