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All of us on the staff at St. Francis Xavier (College) Church are excited about your engagement, and we look forward to helping both of you prepare for the wedding and for the marriage. We realize that preparing for your marriage might well be your most involved connection with the College Church up until now. That’s OK. We would like to make you feel that you chose the absolute right place to prepare for your new life together. If we are lucky, maybe you will become a more involved and active parishioner after the wedding day. We promise to do our best to make sure that the preparations and the years ahead are blessed by your association with College Church.

This guide describes our suggested plan for helping you prepare. Read this carefully. Ask questions. We are very aware that every wedding is unique. No two are alike. Still, we need to fashion your wedding into a marriage ministry that assures that we are doing our job – not only providing a memorable wedding but also launching a holy married life. We always keep our eyes on that responsibility. We also need to be sure that we can efficiently, yet gracefully, accommodate all of the many couples who ask us to help. The College Church is a busy place. All we require is your cooperation with our policies and guidelines. If we work together, the wedding and the marriage will be the best.

As soon as our wedding ministry director phones you, she will be your contact with College Church. Any scheduling concerns and any questions should be directed to her. Ask questions. Please, ask questions. We want to make this a beautiful wedding, a blessed marriage. Priests, deacons, musicians, and our support staff all want you to be pleased that your marriage began at St. Francis Xavier (College) Church.

Our advice is simple:

Enjoy this time of preparation.
Pray together.
Work hard and pay attention to the details. Especially, be on time.
Pray together.
Be considerate of your families.
Pray together.
Be joyful about the whole experience.
Once more – pray together. That’s the most important step. We will be with you.

Congratulations, again. We hope our part in your plans will help you to see forever. That’s where you are headed together. Thank you for letting us help you.